How it works

When you search for a domain we will let you know if it is available to register or, if it currently registered, when it is due to expire and the date and time the domain will become available. If no other Drop Catcher customer has booked to monitor the domain then you can book a catching slot for the domain. We will monitor your desired domain around the clock in case it is deleted before the scheduled drop time and then at the scheduled drop time our proprietary software will attempt to register the domain for you firing multiple requests to register the domain with your registration details. We charge just £29 to monitor your domain for you and this includes the Nominet registration fee for the first year.

Please note that no guarantee can be provided that a specific domain will be caught as competition is often heavy. If we fail to catch a domain for you we will provide you with a credit to enable you to book another domain. Refunds for registration fees are not offered.

We also offer you the ability to catch the domain with other independent public drop catchers by paying an additional ‘chase’ fee for each drop catcher. The chase fee is set by the independent drop catcher and can be from as little as 10p. The independent DropCatchers will vary the timings of their registration requests to maximise the likelihood of registering the domain for you. The more independent Drop Catchers you pay a chase fee to the more likelihood you have of catching your domain. Please note that chase fees are not refundable under any circumstances and are paid to the independent Drop Catcher for the use of their resources in attempting to catch your domain.

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